Lenny Niemeyer arrived in Rio de Janeiro in 1980. As she began her search for sophisticated bikinis with the sensual allure of the Carioca, she ended up finding not only a new talent but also a new career. She gave up trying to find bikinis that suited her style, hired a seamstress and purchased small amounts of lycra to design precisely the swimsuits she imagined.

Lenny, previously a gifted landscape architect, became a swimwear designer and worked with a variety of swimwear brands for more than 10 years. In 1993 after 10 years designing and manufacturing bikinis to famous brazilian brands, Lenny decide to create her own brand, opening her first store in Ipanema, a noble neighborhood in Rio.

In the beginning, Lenny rented additional rooms in her apartment building to have enough space for her designs. Later, she converted a shed into her very first factory. Lenny has since transformed into a true fashion legend in Brazil. Ever since her runway debut in 1996, the name Lenny has been synonymous with high-fashion swimwear and her shows have been supported by famous names of the fashion world.

The Look

The collection is daring and fashion-forward, featuring luxurious materials, bold colors and dramatic, sexy styling.

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