Lainey Keogh was born in 1957 in Old Town, Ireland. She spent her childhood living on a farm. She later left the countryside for Dublin and studied microbiology.

Since 1984 she has been perfecting her unmistakable method of textural intervention.

She was discovered by retailer Marianne Gunn O'Connor, owner of Otokia, Dublin's leading designer, while she was knitting in the corner of Bewley's Coffee House in Dublin. She was persuaded to present a show of her knitwear. This was unveiled to great acclaim in February 1987.

She received the Prix de Coeur at the Monte Carlo fashion awards in 1989.

Now she goes on whirlwind tours to New York, Egypt, and other corners of the globe, showing off the breathtaking inventiveness of her designs.

Keogh works mostly with cashmere and more recently crystal. Her pieces are handmade by expert Irish knitters. Since 1994, she is showing regular seasonal catwalk shows of her garments.

Who Wears It

Elizabeth Taylor, Isabella Rossellini, Demi Moore, Jodi Foster and Kevin Costner

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