Kristina Pitaniello is an established artist in the jewelry industry, and recently entering into industrial design.

At 27, the native of upstate New York owns her own jewelry line with a name that carries her Italian heritage with simplicity and pride: Pitaniello. Upon graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Pitaniello interned at Newton-Wellesley Hospital for a total of four days. She then quit, bought herself a torch, melted slabs of metal, and allowed her hands and natural talents to take over, creating unique pieces of jewelry from her South End studio at 46 Waltham Street. Pitaniello is definitely a risk-taker.

One of the things that drew Kristina to the art of jewelry design was her love for the metals. She enjoys working with clients through the entire process from design to fabrication. She believes that jewelry is a way to express yourself and strives to give people exactly what they envision as their perfect ring, necklace, or gift to a loved one. She also enjoys giving people a fair price and superior quality workmanship. Wedding bands and engagement rings are especially meaningful to Kristina, since they allow her to create a tangible symbol of the union between two people.

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