Juste de Nin grew came into the limelight from the center of the founding family of Basi S. A. in Barcelona, a manufacturing company specializing in luxury knitwear.

When he finished his studies in 1976, Juste de Nin integrated himself into the family business, serving as a designer for Lacoste in Spain. In 1980, he launched his own independent line in collaboration with Lacoste, imposing his own style on European fashion. Calling his line Basi was not enough for Juste and his Spanish family…he instead chose to add a first name that would be easy to pronounce in Spanish, French and English alike: Armand. So in 1986, the fashion house Armand Basi was born, with Juste de Nin behind its creation.

Juste de Nin’s ready-to-wear lines for both men and women were soon recognized for their Mediterranean influences. With elaborate detailing and volume, lots of color and simple shapes, the foundation of the original style from Juste de Nin has become recognized everywhere.

In January 2004, Juste de Nin became artistic director of the Armand Basi house. Becoming the artistic director brought Juste de Nin into the spotlight for his invention of Basi style.

The Look

Juste de Nin visualizes the Armand Basi man and woman as modern, urban active, and independent with an air of individuality and an eye for trends.


1999 Basi Homme (M)
2000 Basi Femme (W)
2000 Armand Basi Homme (M)
2003 In Red (W)
2005 In Blue (M)
2007 Lovely Blossom (W)
2008 Silver Nature (M)
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