Julia Smith was always fascinated by men’s fashion. She did men’s sportwear at college and won a prize for it which will took her to Italy.

She had four job offers. There was a consultant and designer positions for London, Germany and Italy. She refused and went to work over 8 years in womenswear. She did five years at Whistle’s in London and 3 years at Trussardi in Milan. At Trussardi she designed for the men’s and women’s collections, did the show and handled some of the Trussardi licenses in Japan, where she spent some years from 1989.

Then she moved back to Europe, where she worked for Givenchy, which in turn brought her to Paris. There she changed Givenchy Gentilmen into Givenchy Homme. She brought factories and contacts to Givenchy that they didn’t have before. After she went to Alexander McQueen for about 5 years.

Now she is Artistic Director at De Fursac, as well as the Head of Marketing & Style.

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