John Boyd was born in Scotland in 1925. He came to London from Edinburgh in 1941. He served his apprenticeship with renowned hat maker Aage Thaarup. He spent three years in the Navy and after the war, opened his first hat shop in 1946. His first clients were the Queen Mother's sister and cousin. Since then, he has had a number of shops in West London and is currently based in Beauchamp Place.

Boyd has been a favourite hat designer for the royal family for many years - he has been designing Princess Anne's hats since she was 16 years old.

So it was a natural choice for Diana, Princess of Wales to turn to John Boyd when she needed chic hats. He made the famous pink tricorn hat shown, that she wore with her going away outfit, after the wedding in 1981. This style became known as the "Lady Di" design and was copied worldwide.

John is one of the most popular milliners for elegant London women, especially for weddings and grand occasions, and of course for going to Ascot Races in June every year, when a lady's hat is so important.

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