The Designer(s): Jefferson Kulig is a prominent fashion designer from Curitiba, Brazil.

Besides his work in creating new concepts in fashion - as a result of his research beyond the boundaries between fashion and art - Jefferson has done a serious and significant work in the art´s field, which recently won the prize of the State Government of Sao Paulo, the 10th Paulista Fair of Contemporary Art and since then has appeared in major art exhibitions and fairs of the country.

By the projection of the Jefferson Kulig name on the market, the brand was invited to participate in the largest and internationally renowned fashion event in Latin America, the official calendar of Brazilian fashion Sao Paulo Fashion Week winter 2003 edition which introduced since then each year his winter and spring / summer collections and his innovative proposals always instigating.

Jefferson Kulig´s creations, designer graduated in economics, propose to "reinvent reality" accommodating language and speeches approaching a lot to pure artistic expression.

Still young, Jefferson began to develop his aesthetic and curious look while working at his parents knitting manufacturer daring to try new combinations, thus overcoming myths of traditional fashion's concepts.

Always concerned about new ways of viewing and creating fashion, Jefferson Kulig, in 1993, took the course "style and creation" with the renowned director of the Studio Berçot of Paris, Marie Rucki, having participated in one of her shows at Rhodia Sao Paulo.

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