Your Biography and how you started with fashion design:

I studied art history in France, then design in Rome and then journalism in Mexico City. I became Fashion Editor when I was 21 years old and worked with several fashion and lifestyle magazines for over 8 years. I moved to Rio de Janeiro to work as a Fashion Editor in South America and as a press correspondent for Latinamerica.

After traveling around the world, writing for many magazines in 5 different languages, I decide in 2005 to launch Eli?1xir, a luxury brand made in indigenous communities using silk and premium materials to help poor areas in Yucatan (where I grew as a child and lived 15 years). My partner left me (she had a child) and I start traveling more and more, looking for ideas of a super cool brand by my own.

Returning in 2008 from Milan Fashion Week I traveled around Mexico to see the possibility of making a shoe brand and the sticky name pumped up and Malosa was born. After one year of designs and samples, in November 2009, Isabel launched Malosa in the trendiest area in Mexico City. Afterward we opened a showroom for celebrities and socialites. In 2011 we opened the first official store and 2012 the second store in the chicest area in the city, Lomas de Chapultepec and this year we will opened 3 more stores in Mexico City and 3 more in: Chihuahua, Cancun, Mi?1rida and Mc Allen Texas.

I love to design, is my addiction. If I doni?1t . I love what I do and when I design I just thing what I would like for me and what would like any women in the world to feel confident, sexy, elegant and attractive.

Who Wears It

Rebeca de Alba, Belinda, Ana Claudia Talancon, Ana de la Reguera, Rihanna

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