Henri Matchavariani was born in Paris, France in 1939.

He worked as an advertising art director until 1982, when he organized his first exhibition of personal work in Milan. He became a freelance illustrator and has undertaken numerous editorial and advertising commissions.

His work has won him several awards and been showcased in exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Hamburg.

His clients include the Salon International du Pret a Porter Feminin, Sony, France Soil, the Japanese Melsa store chain, the International Car Exhibition in Turin, Montedison-Italy, BMW, Woolmark, L'Oreal Hair products, Marie Claire Italy, Joyce (Paris) and many others.

Matchavariani is engaged in a constant quest, a continuing paring down, which takes us to the finality of point and line that is reduced to essentials. Pastels tremble, move and palpitate. He is a brilliant illustrator.

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