Hamish Morrow was born in South Africa in 1968 of British parents. He came to England and studied at Central St. Martins and the Royal College of Art, in London.

He trained with John Bartlett at Byblos in Milan, Italy, and started his own label in 2000. In addition to his designs under his own name, he is now designing for Gianfranco Ferre in Milan, although his own ideas are far from Ferre's architectural spirit.

He made his debut in Spring/Summer 2001 at the London Fashion Week. He has already had a full page descriptive editorial in American Vogue fashion magazine in 2001.

In addition to his own collection, Morrow has worked with Mariuccia Mandelli for two of her Krizia collections. However in February 2004, Hamish announced that he would not be designing any more for Krizia, since he was not able to design as he wished for the label.

In January 2004, Hamish announced that he would not be presenting his Autumn/Winter 2004 collection at London Fashion Week in February, as originally planned. He would instead focus his attention on the restructuring process of his business to ensure that it survives the transition from small to medium.

He opted to present his technically complex Fall collection in a Paris showroom. Hamish likes to integrate high-tech concepts with traditional methods of making clothes. He ran lengths of stretchy industrial cord through silk jersey to make dresses and tops which can be draped, ruched and tightened by the wearer. Prints were derived from thermal imaging, which mapped the body to show clusters of colour - swirling forms of purple, magenta and green, at the stress points.

The Look

His signature clothes are black lace dresses, which are romantic, sheer, risqué and remarkably grand, in the best British tradition. He does not put a lining in these dresses, so ladies will probably be wearing slips underneath. He sold quite a lot of his lace dresses from Barney's, the famous store in New York. His fall collection included other clothes such as a flannel coat with a huge rose-like ruff of organza, and sharply tailored crystal-sprinkled tweed jackets with floral ruffles poised on the shoulder. The intricacy of the pieces and the craftsmanship involved, place Hamish Morrow's creations somewhere between ready-to-wear and couture.

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