Italian born, Guia la Bruna studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, a place where she discrovered in herself a sense of creativity and gradually came to the idea of creating her own lingerie. After inheriting a lingerie factory in Turin, Italy, from her grandfather, who was already in lingerie business since 1935, mass producing lingerie, Guia la Bruna gave it a new breath. She had a different from her grandfather’s concept of the new brand that in her vision had to be very exclusive and luxurious.

When starting her own line, Guia had the advange of having the the information on all the old styles. Her idea of using the old patterns and even used vintage laces and trims from the storerooms, and give them a new contemporary twist became an instant success. Guia’s goal was to create that unique lingerie set that she would love to discover in her grandmother’s drawer, the one that would look both retro and contemporary.

The Look

In her designs, high quality fabrics and lace are the focal points; everything starts from them. She particularly likes to use silk muslin in her collections for its delicate and fluid to touch qualities, as well for the great variety of muslin type fabrics starting with embroided or printed, and ending with applications. Guia likes the way muslin enveloped the body, how it falls giving the garments an elegant and soft movement. Guia La Bruna’s philosophy is about creating contemporary lingerie collections, which at the same time have a distinguished charmingly sensual and romantic look.

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