Graeme Fidler graduated from Northumbria University having studied fashion design. His first appointment was with Daks and Nigel Cabourn. Graeme was selected by Ralph Lauren to develop the Ralph Lauren’s

RLX collection, based in New York.

Graeme was approached by Aquascutum, to become head of menswear design. He gained a reputationfor putting together ultra modern collections with constant reference to the rich Aquascutum archives.

Graeme’s role at Aquascutum includes his management of a team of designers and assistants and the development of the creative brand concept, for menswear, Aquascutum London and Aquascutum Vintage.

The Look

Meticulous attention to detail and strong technical knowledge, combined with an interest in fabric innovation inform his design practices, creating collections which fuse classic British tailoring traditions with directional design.

Who Wears It

Pierce Brosnan, Sophia Loren, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue

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