Growing up in Riga, where handcrafted skills are the significant part of the national heritage and tradition passed on from generations. At 10 discovered interest towards leather craft and starting studying at local craft school, where she received basic knowledge and skills of small leather goods. Then at 12 she applied and was accepted at school of art (North Riga School of Art). In four year time Ginta learned great deal of leather craft starting from book binding, album cover making, small, decorative chest making to leather clothes, bags and belts designing and making. At 18 she finished high school and next gain was London, where she could develop herself as designer, improve skills and receive knowledge of fashion.

Moving to London when Ginta was 19, she was immediately accepted for the BTEC (foundation) course of Fashion Design and Illustration at prestigious London College of Fashion. This course has helped to confirm her direction for the future; decision was made to dedicate to work with fashion accessories. From there she moved to Bachelor of Arts degree course, specializing in Design Technology of Accessories for the Fashion industry at LCF, which she graduated with First Class Honours and got the CPL Aromas award for end-of-year collection "Art Nouveau". After that followed one-year intensive footwear course, which gave the designer fuller knowledge of accessories. Her last stop on education journey was Master of Arts Fashion Studies degree at LCF, specializing in Design and Technology of Accessories.

For the next two years she worked with couple of talented independent womenswear designers, designing and producing haute couture accessory collections for Jeremy Bueno and pret-a-porter accessory collections for Anna Ledskalnina. She has also worked for well-established great fashion houses likes Alexander McQueen and Robinson & Valentine.

The Look

Ginta Siceva is known as a creats magnificent evening and day bags as well as other accessories like scarves, shoes, gloves and headpieces. She creates unusual, unique and sculptured designs- artworks. Ginta often uses natures resources as inspiration and as production material and combines both old and new craft techniques in production of her designs. Her designs emphasize on individuality, creativity and quality of craftsmanship. Gintas Sicevas designs come with the love of decoration, attention to details and the return to craft values. Old techniques are re-discovered and used in a great variety of ways. History, tradition, experience and return to fundamentals all come to enjoy a new appreciation as they are combined in a manner that seems perfectly natural, with innovation and modernity.

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