Gaia Trussardi, 27 years old, is the Fashion Coordinator of Trussardi and leading designer of the company. All the Trussardi main collection products are developed from her ideas and inspiration.

With a degree in Sociology and Anthropology obtained in London, she has a deep interest in lifestyles and their consequent trends, as well as in fashion, business, social behaviour and visual communication.

Prior to accepting the position of Fashion Coordinator, she worked as a planner in an advertising agency . She then started doing research in the design office of Trussardi learning the process of collection making from its genesis to its production.

Gaia now coordinates a team of creative designers sharing with them the style and design strategies of one of the most historical Italian fashion companies. Her objective is to reinterpret the brand’s heritage with that touch of international, youth and unexpected which has always reflected its style, confiding in the 100% Italian propensity to transform the complexity of a style rich in details into aesthetic fluidity.

Gaia enjoys translating her many interests, including social and human culture in general into fashion. She travels and imbibes visual inputs to then transform them into icons. From her years of living in London, she also cultivates her passion for music and personally produces, writes and sings her own works.

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