Gabriele Strehle is a German fashion designer behind the Strenesse label.

She is the daughter of a dairy farmer and a kindergarten teacher. Her early favorite activities were sewing clothes for dolls. After an apprenticeship as a made-to-measure tailor she studied at the Munich School of Fashion.

Gabriele Strehle joined what is today STRENESSE AG in 1973 and soon rose to the position of Creative Director for all Strenesse brands. In 1985 she married the owner of the Strenesse company, Gerd Strehle. With her husband Gerd Strehle, Gabriele Strehle is credited with the transformation of what was once a coat and suit company into an internationally recognized fashion house.

In 1996 she presented her first collection at the Milan fashion show.

The Look

The work of Gabriele Strehle is a reflection of her intense engagement in life as she experiences it. She is passionately devoted to uncompromising quality both in terms of material and idea. The resulting collections reveal their sensuality and intelligence and radiate a desire for profundity.

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