Born in 1952, Gruosi spent his childhood in Florence with his mother. Driven by the necessity to work but also by his interest in art, he left school at 18 and trained to become a sales assistant with a renowned Florentine jeweler. Seven years later, Gruosi, then still a consultant to the firm, oversaw the opening its store in London and became a director four years later.

He was only 30 when the Alizera family, Harry Winston's official agent, noticed him and proposed that he become its representative in Saudi Arabia. The young entrepreneur did not hesitate to take up this new challenge.

After three years in that country, he returned to Europe where he was immediately contacted by the Bulgari company. Gianni Bulgari, a mythical name in the world of jewellery, created a new post for him. He hired him in Bulgari Precious Trading and accorded him his complete trust. Fawaz thus became the first person in the group to have access to all the new designer jewellery collections which he would be responsible for selling worldwide, with the exception of the Bulgari boutiques of which at that time there were only eight! A fantastic field of opportunity thus opened up before Fawaz, which would also enable him to fill up his address book through numerous contacts.

This provided a unique experience, but destiny would for the first time take a new turn. Gianni Bulgari left the family company. Having lost his role model, Fawaz then decided to start out on his own. That was in 1993. Without any specific strategy in mind, he founded de GRISOGONO and very quickly his original and extraordinary creativity ensured that each jewel he fashioned immediately aroused passions. This almost immediate success would give him strength and self-confidence.

In 1996, driven by the constant need to be ahead of trends, Gruosi created a black diamond collection.

In 2000, he presented his first watch, Instrumento NĀ°Uno. De Grisogono now has 17 original and exclusive watch collections.

Who Wears It

Naomi Campbell, Haifa Wehbe, Monique Hollinger, Isabelle Adjani, Cheryl Cole, Kiera Chaplin, Virginie Ledoyen, Olga Kurylenko, Myleene Klass, Petra Nemcova, Kate Hudson, Rihanna, Petite Salma, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Ornella Muti, Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria Parker,

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