Fause Haten's blend of glamour and decadence has been popular among Sao Paulo's fashionable set since he launched his Der Haten label in 1987.

The Brazilian designer has since adopted his own name as his company moniker and has gained international recognition for his use of attention-grabbing details and gaudy colors (gold is a Haten favorite).

In less than decade since it was launched, the line has expanded to accessories that includes handbags and sunglasses and a menswear line.

In 1999 Fause Haten joined Giorgio Beverley Hills, entering the American market with his eveningwear collections.

Two years later he became the first Sao Paulo-based Brazilian designer to participate in New York Fashion Week.

The Look

His creations are about excess, gold and gloss, which the women seem to love, as shown by his success. The Fause Haten woman is sophisticated and individualistic, a hybrid between Madison Avenue chic and downtown hip.

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