About the designer

Eva Urias is an emerging fashion designer and illustrator from Villahermosa, Mexico.

Origin (family backround, birth)

She was born in 1986 and felt in love with art as a child. Eva a strong woman, sure of herself, proud of her body and need to express themselves of a personal style, likes being the center of attention and can have a penchant for androgynous fashion.


She studied at CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico. As a student, she was selected among various designers to participate in different fashion contests, including HEP Five in Japan in 2008 and the Arts of Fashion Contest in Philadelphia in 2009. She is currently participating in a very cool Designer Hunt for ELLE magazine.

The Look

Her taste for art is evident in each of their garments, a futuristic air invades us to see their designs, every detail hits with its peculiarities.

Official Social Media

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