Erika Ikezili brings her own Japanese-Brazilian universe to the catwalk. Born as the third generation of a Japanese family in Brazil, the young fashion designer graduated in 1999 in fashion design at Santa Marcelina University, in Sao Paulo. In that same year, Erika was already working with Alexandre Herchcovitch, as his production assistant.

Her catwalk debut was in 2000 at Projeto Lab – Casa de Criadores, where her references to the Japanese-Brazilian universe were already evident. That time, Erika Ikezili used to sell her pieces at Mercado Mundo Mix, known as a redoubt of modern people. Later on, Erika joined Amni Hot Spot – a fashion circuit sponsored by Rhodia Poliamida.

In January 2005, Erika presented her creations for the first time in Sao Paulo Fashion Week – the main fashion week in Latin America – where she still remains, until today. Since then, Erika Ikezili became reference in originality and versatility.

The Look

Erika’s creative process is inspired by the fashion’s parallel universes like art, architecture, religion and other cultures.

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