the designers

The creations of Eley Kishimoto spray always cheerful froehlichkeit. The brand name of this designer married couple are lively, artful samples, which fans of merry, inspiring mode inspires. The 1965 in Sapporo born Wakako Kishimoto locked renowned cent ral the Saint Martins in London 1992 with a Bachelor in mode and cloth printing. Mark of Eley , 1968 in Bridgend, Wales, born, left the polytechnic institute Brighton 1990 with a Bachelor in mode and weaving. The two 1992 Eley Kishimoto based together and sketched among other things prints for Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen . 1995 presented the designers their first own collection named Rainwear, consisting of umbrellas, waterproof coats and gloves. A first official Show presented the creative duo at the Londoner mode week for autumn/winters 2001. In the meantime Eley Kishimoto produces also table-ware, furniture, wallpapers, turnschuhe, Dessous and sun glasses. International enterprises such as Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs let material samples with the pair of designers, which work withdrawn in a workshop in the south from London very sketch still.

In 2008 Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto were appointed as creative directors of French based fashion house Caharel.

The Look

Fundamentally striving to make the world a prettier place, Eley Kishimoto create work that is clear in intention, executed simply, and with creative flair; they do not succumb to trends and fads. Instead the vision is clear and in the forefront, fashion is used as a platform to communicate with a wide and varied audience.

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