Danielle Scutt is a Central St. Martin graduate and sent out her first freelance collection in spring, 2008. She had shown twice with Fashion East. Scutt knows her way with denim and she is being noticed for her ferocious, strappy-wrappy 1980s obsession, which she has lately toned down with chiffon that has been well placed.

Danielle Scutt debuted her first ready to wear clothing line for women in 2005 at London Fashion Week. Her clothing line was considered romantic and sophisticated clothing. Scutt has won the Lancôme’s prize for Modern Femininity and the Chloé prize for the best fashion designer.

The Look

Danielle Scutt’s overtly feminine/masculine collection consists of chiffon dresses, trench coats, boiler suits, jersey dresses, separates, denim, organza suits, swimwear, jewellery, belts and sunglasses. Initially her research tended to lean towards surrealism but this developed and into looking at pop art with reference to what is deemed acceptable as high and low culture taste. Danielle Scutt observes femininity in all its variety, through her blouses, coats, jackets skirts and dresses. Her garments are frequently belted or bound at the waist, her collection is known to both enhance curves and fit the outline that flawlessly compliment the womanly figure. Scutt selects styles from the 1970’s and 1980’s, puts a new twist on them and makes them contemporary and appropriate. Some of her main parts that have been integrated into a 1980's feel are her cigarette trousers, skin tight silk, jumpsuits and jersey trousers.

Who Wears It

Gwen Stefani, Agyness Deyn

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