Born in 1976 in Thailand, Coco Kliks spent her childhood developing her fashion aesthetic on Barbie dolls while travelling the world with her scientist parents. Her skills became more evident and refined while attending the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Coco graduated at the top of her class in 1998 with several awards, including the Golden Thimble for best creative work. She won the Lorber Fashion Design Contest and used the prize money to travel to Paris and learn more of the advanced techniques of haute couture, working in time honored houses such as Torrente Haute Couture.

In 2000, Coco moved to Los Angeles where she saw a need for variety and originality in the modern reality of everyday wear. She sought to bring a couture sensibility to the tee-shirt. So, in Fall 2000 she launched Coco Kliks, a limited edition collection of couture tops. Within a few months she had conquered L.A, becoming a cult favorite with hip, young celebrities and was featured in T.V shows such as Friends, "Will and Grace" and Magazines like "Rolling Stones", "Nylon".

Atter three years of developing her craft and establishing her niche in the market, Coco Kliks was ready to expand her vision and become a greater presence in the fashion industry.

Coco Kliks launched her debut collection at the Fall 2004 LA Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The collection featured classic 40's sillouettes with a South American influence, accented by her signature handiwork. It was extremely well received and put Coco Kliks on the map as one of the most talented and original upcoming designers in Los Angeles.

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