Born to Brazilian beauty Andrea Dellal a 1970’s muse for Valentino, it was almost destiny that Charlotte become a designer, her sister Alice a model and brother Alex the owner of an art gallery.

Graduating from Cordwainers in 2004, Charlotte took only two years to launch her own label in 2006 and capture the attention of fashion mavens such as Kate Moss and Daphne Guiness.

The Look

Charlotte Оlympia designs have become synonymous with classic shapes and meticulous attention to detail Each shoe is finished with the brand's signature gold spider web on the sole. Inspired by the allure of Hollywood glamour of old, Charlotte Olympiads leopard prints, fan detailing and arresting use of colour.

Who Wears It

Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Daphne Guinness, Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Peaches Geldof,

Official Social Media

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