After graduating as a designer from the Design Management School in Kolding, Denmark, Charlotte Eskildsen was chosen as a “Rising Star” by the Danish business magazine, Berlinske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin, alongside other talented individuals under age 30 representing a comprehensive range of categories from business to astrophysics.

In year 2007 Charlotte Eskildsen received the most prestigious design award you can get in Denmark, Guldknappen, from the Danish fashion magazine Alt for Damerne, and in year 2008 Charlotte was nominated as the "Best Danish Designer" by 400 fashion professionals in the first Dansk Fashion Award ever given.

In year 2009 Charlotte Eskildsen worked as an ambassador for the Danish Red Cross as a member of Club 10 comitted to raising money for the benefits of the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. On behalf of Designers Remix, she managed to raise almost 57,000 Euros - the largest donation of the Club 10 in 2009 and the 3rd largest in the history of Club 10.

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