One of Australia’s leading fashion designers, Charlie Brown began her career in 1982 in San Francisco. Working in retail sales for Esprit, Charlie Brown developed a love for fashion and design. After gaining valuable experience in the fashion industry, in 1985 Charlie Brown realized it was time for a change – all the way to Australia, where she spent seven years at the design helm of Howard Showers.

After several years of making other people famous, Charlie Brown decided to give it a shot herself! Following her dreams and passion, Charlie Brown formed more than a business partnership with Danny Avidan (now husband) and in 1995 launched her self-titled label, Charlie Brown.

The Look

Sexy, playful, beautifully constructed and tailored, Charlie Brown’s collections provide women with a unique product mix that captures a far greater segment of the market than any of her contemporaries.

Who Wears It

Laura Dundovic, Julia Morris, Cathy Freeman, Lady Sonia McMahon, Lara Feltham, Jade Jagger, Lily Cole, Vanessa Amorosi

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