At the end of the Second World War is created the first luxury contemporary brand: CELINE. Mrs Céline Vipiana, creator of the brand, is one of the rare legendary female company director who transmitted her personal dynamic energy to her brand.

Mr and Mrs Céline Vipiana open their first boutique at 52 rue de malte in Paris in 1945, “Céline, le bottier pour enfants”.

This luxury shoes boutique for children rapidly becomes famous thanks to the excellent quality of models, with custom-made soles, following the orthopedic instructions.

The Red Elephant is the first logo in 1950.

The 60’s underline the ready-to-wear launch and CELINE becomes one of the pioneers in the field of ‘fashion for everyone’.

The unique sportswear approach of the brand provides a real added value and makes a name for itself in the history of fashion.

The brand becomes extremely successful in 1963 with the INCA line and in particular, the best seller Inca, the flagship model of flat heeled moccasins and its matching bracelet Chantilly, both adomed with the famous CELINE ‘horse-bit’.

In 1966, the shoe collection expends with another top of line model: The Byblos Moccasin.

A strong code becomes the emblem of the brand in 1967, the American Sulky.

Rebroduction of an American engraving from the beginning of the 19th century, Mr Vipiana notices it in a book published in New York in 1956, ‘Handbook of Early Advertising Art Mainly from American Sources’.

The first Signature canvas was born in 1971, the C Sulky Canvas.

Subtle mix between the C of Céline and the American Sulky, this canvas is still used and allows to easily identify the brand symbol.

Mrs Céline Vipiana observes the motif of the chain that surrounds the Arc-de-Triomphe, on Place de l’Etoile in Paris.

She immediately recognizes in this symbol the ideal Parisian emblem for her brand. The same year celebrates the creation of the “Etoile Shiert”.

Among the items that crates the emblematic Céline silhouette, like the skirt and the shirt, the trench has also been one of the brand leading product from the very beginning.

In only 3 years, CELINE expends its business on an international level thanks to the openings of its 7 first boutiques abroad: Monte Carlo, Geneva, Hong Kong, Rome, Lausanne, Toronto and Beverly Hills.

In 1987, the brand possesses 87 boutiques offering a worldwide fame.

In 1988 Peggy Huynh-Kinh is appointed Artistic Director and becomes the key designer that makes the brand evolve and grow.

The sportswear chic leather oriented collection created for Winter 88, is seen like a ‘coming back to roots in a modern way’.

The same year celebrates the opening of the registered office at 38 Avenue Montaigne, in Paris.

In 1997 Michael Kors is appointed Designer for the CELINE ready-to-wear collection for women before becoming Artistic Director in 1999.

His collections emphasize the particular know-how for leather creations.

He succeeds to push the modern femininity in a very luxurious spirit.

Created in 2002, the Boogie Bag is the essential fashion accessory for the CELINE women.

This bag represents timeless simplicity and Parisian luxury.

This handbag shows the meticulous details and expertise applied by CELINE in creating its fine leather goods.

In 2005, Ivana Omazic is appointed Artistic Director of the brand and accepts the challenge of giving a new expression to the CELINE spirit.

Her first Spring-Summer 2006 collection is a realy success.

She succeeds in making the brand recognizable thanks to a feminine, elegant and modern touch, coming from the CELINE Sportswear couture heritage.

2007 underlines the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the famous Celine Blason. The double C symbol and chain represents the Celine House and can be traced back to the early Seventies when its founder, Céline Vipiana, had a fashion vision that was to become a legend. Nowadays, the Celine crest is the most emblematic logo of the House, always appearing quietly on ready-to-wear, leather goods or shoes.

Forever open to the international style scene and constantly striving for worldwide recognition, CELINE has built a cultural bridge between France and Japan, organizing several exhibitions such as “Femmes”, “Looking for Pravda” and “Paris-Tokyo: photographs in volume” over the past few years. This year, CELINE worked with the photographer Mika Ninagawa, to create a complete line of products, all using the exclusive Mika print.

The Mika dresses were shown in the Fall-Winter 07 runway.

In the same way, CELINE associated with Song Hye Kyo, a Korean actress, to create a new version of the Bittersweet, ‘It-bag’ and best seller since its creation in 2006.

The Look

Celine’s signature style is often described as a cross between sexy-sporty and cute-flirty. Feminine skirts, body-hugging shirts and charming accessories make this line a perfect fit for girl next door personalities who prefer to look cute as opposed to trashy. These high end, luxury sports designs offer a chic, uptown girl image for those of you looking to hit the town in a flattering (but highly appropriate) outfit. You won’t find any ripped, frayed, or torn provocative pieces in this collection.

Who Wears It

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Russo, Lucy Liu

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