Spanish designer Catalina Sard is the alma mater and founder of women’s ready-to-wear brand Sard. She was born in Son Severa in the Balearics in 1972, studied fashion design in Barcelona and completed her training in New York.

After working for major international brands like Burberry, Giorgio Armani and even Óscar de la Renta, and for Spanish firms like Antonio Miró and Pulligan, the designer launched her own project in 2003. Sard finally saw the light of day in 2007, with the launch of its first collection.

The highly personal creations of Catalina Sard result in elaborate and innovative garments to which pattern design and sumptuous detail are the key. The designer also uses premium quality materials.

The Look

Sard comes from an elaborate and innovative design in which the cut of the dress and its details must always surprise. Sard dresses are faithful to this creative process as a result of our ability to adapt the patterns to a very demanding design, to the meticulousness with which we choose the components - primarily noble materials - and the standard of quality that we demand in dressmaking. The personality of each and every Sard dress creates a harmonious whole, whose coherence defines the Sard concept, an exclusive and different universe.

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