Born in Belgium and working in Paris, the fine lingerie designer Carine Gilson began her creative career by studying Fine Arts at the Brussels Academy. After graduation, she continued her studies at the celebrated Antwerp Fashion School that was once a home to such talented alumni as Dries van Noten and Martin Margiela. At that time, she became so fascinated by lace that she decided to undertake an ambitious venture by founding in 1994 her own brand of Lingerie Couture.

The Look

The Carine Gilson’s philosophy is about considering lingerie to be more than just a simple item of clothing or an object of necessity, a view which is shared by other haute-couture lingerie designers. By carefully selecting the materials she works with starting from the finest Chantilly lace and sumptuous Lyon silk, and using a veriety of colour palettes for her collections demonstrate her unique approach to interpretation and place of lingerie in a woman’s life. Bold statements in lipstick red and majestic purples, delicate interpretations in peach pinks, classic notes in jet black – all intermigle in elegant array of her collections dripping with luxury and beauty.

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