A brother and sister duo is the driving force behind label ‘camilla and marc’. Although established in 2005, the team have always existed in philosophy.

The label is based on strong ethics of tailoring and a firm sense of history.

Since graduating from the Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2002, Camilla was awarded a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in Florence, Italy.

In January 2005, Camilla was invited to present her collection as part of the inaugural Cruise Fashion Week and walked away with the winning prize, a fully sponsored show to launch her label on return from Italy.

Marc brings something different to the partnership. He is a qualified Engineer and is near completing a Masters of Commerce.

The labels initial collection is modest but selective. Both designers believe in building a strong foundation in the marketplace. Quality and uniqueness is the key to the range.

The Look

Their designs are strong yet feminine and effortlessly elegant; a covetable combination.

Who Wears It

Elle Macpherson and Kirsten Dunst

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