About the designer

Caio Gobbi is a Brazilian fashion designer.


In 1996, after his graduation from the high school he went to London, where he studied Style at the Central Saint Martin’s.

Job activities & experiences

The same year he went back to Brazil, where he launched his own brand with a display at the store “X Fashion Market”. From then on, he joined several circuits of fashion and reached to be awarded as “Designer Revelation of the Night Illustrated” by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

In 2000, he created a new brand Gobbi Jeans, in partnership with Vicunha. That year, he also opened his first store in the Mall corridor of Shopping Villa-Lobos in Sao Paulo and began to export his collection to the United States and Spain.

Furthermore, he premiered at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Caio Gobbi was also responsible for creating uniforms for major companies like Lancôme, Omo and Brastemp.

Who Wears It

Adriane Galisteu, Fabiana Saba, Fernanda Lima

Official Social Media

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