the designer

Benjamin Cho was born as a child of Korean parents in San Jose, California in 1977. At the beginning he belongs to the alternative outsiders at the High School, later he was the darling of the school. Be reason that he loved painting since his childhood, he started a fashion school at the Parson School of Design that he broke up in 1998.

After dropping out of the Parison School of Design Cho presented two small collections before staging a full-fledged runway show in 2001, which featured sleekly modified trenches, corseted bustiers, and silk fishtail skirts. Though his last show – set in a fairly empty 80th – floor apartment at Trump World Tower – experimented with heavy zippers in oversize heart and floral designs, Cho thrives when he sticks to what he does best: slightly tweaked classics.

Over the past decade, Cho has gone from a precocious fashion – school dropout to a veritable Renaissanceman. Aside from playing style icon to all the downtown divas, he gets their thigh-high Chucks grooving as a turntablist every Sunday at his “regulars only” parties at the West Village hipster depot Sway as well as on “Cho Time”, a semi-regular New Wave podcast he serves up on East Village Radio.

The Look

Wispy waif. Slinky skirts and evening gowns embellished with elaborate – if sometimes S&M inspired – braiding, ruching, and lace; shirtdresses with thin (but plunging) necklines; skinny pants with overpronounced buttons and piping.

Who Wears It

Jennifer Lopez, Marisa Tomei, Claire Danes

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