Ben Sherman aka Arthur Benjamin Sugarman war born in Brighton, UK in 1925.

In 1963 Ben Sherman launched line of button down shirts. Ben Sherman begins producing his iconic shirts from a small factory in Brighton to the soundtrack of The Beatles, The Troggs and The Kinks. Mods, skinheads and rockers have taken over the nation and the Ben Sherman button-downs instantly becomes the signature fashion essential. In 1964 Ben Sherman opens showroom on London’s Carnaby Street and opens his 1st shop on Brighton’s Duke Street. Ben Sherman's women's collection follows in 1968.

The Clash herald "London's calling" and the punks grab Ben Sherman as the London store grows in popularity. Guitars and Ben Sherman have become an inseparable partnership with music and style working in perfect synchronicity for the first time. Ben Sherman launches boyswear in 1970, inspiring a fashion-faithful following for years to come.

Ska and 2Tone fight the good fight against the swathe of plastic pop acts that threaten to sweep the nation. Ben Sherman's close ties with mod heritage propel the label into a nationwide centre-stage spotlight with omnipresence in Britain's most talked about live venues.

When the Punk took over the British music scene in 1975 Ben Sherman’s button down check shirts became an essential part of their attire.

In 2001 Ben Sherman relaunched kidswear and in 2002 Ben Sherman launched the Womenswear line. The look is now pandemic with a huge cult following from both the guys and gals, across 35 countries. Now famed as one of Blighty's best exports alongside Razorlight, the Arctic Monkeys and Guinness, Ben Sherman has truly earned its place as a Great British icon.

In 2004 Ben Sherman partnered with Team Great Britain as an official sponsor of the Olympic Squad.

In 2006 he produced a limited edition of their House Check shirt, reworked in Collaboration with Junya Watanabe.

The Brands 1st USA store opened in New York in 2006, followed quickly by another in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In 2007 Paul Wller designed a limited edition shirt, inspired by his Favourite ‘Bennies’ from the 60’s.

In 2008 he launched a Global Collection as well as he introduced the Plectrum logo.

Who Wears It

Brooks Brothers, Arrow and Hathaway, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Oscar Peterson, Victoria Backham, Britney Spears,

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