Duo Alison Roberts and Antoni Burakowski are also perhaps better known as the London-based fashion designers Antoni + Alison whose work is worn and admired internationally. Antoni & Alison met at St. Martins School of Art, London in 1982, where Antoni studied Fashion Textiles and Alison studied Fine Art/Painting - they met in the first term, became inseparable and have worked together ever since.

In 1997, Antoni and Alison opened their shop ‘The Factory of Lights and Experiment’ at 43 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1.

Celebrated for their vivid ‘text piece’ T-shirts, such as “Imagine the Best Best Thing Ever”, “I Can’t Relate to the 17th Century” and “Elvis is Lovely”; their collections are now admired internationally.

The Look

Their work has a British sense of humour with an appealing saucy seaside postcard sensibility.

Who Wears It

Nicole Kidman, Noel Gallagher

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