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Anna Molinari was born in the 50’s Carpi, Italy. Her mother was her teacher and her muse, inspiring her with a love for making clothes, and teaching her stitching techniques.

She and her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini established her label in 1977. At that time, she opened a house which produced knitwear, a selection of which remains in her collections in the form of sweater-girl shapes, sometimes trimmed with diamante. Later, with the help of Italian fashion designer MOSCHINO, Anna Molinari began designing other garments, developing a look of edgy romanticism. She creates sexy clothes, often using a formula that combines brief hemlines and sheer fabrics. In so doing, she takes the clothes off the street and into the realm of designer clothing.

She has a second line called Blumarine, for the younger clientele.

Her daughter Rossella Tarabini now oversees the Anna Molinari collections. She was born in 1968 and studied in Paris and London before taking over the design for the family house in 1995. Anna Molinari's son Gianguido looks after the Menswear lines.

The Look

Rossella Tarabini proposes a new conceptual style; resulting from her constant search for innovation and experimentation, in which grat attention to sartorial details and fluidity of the lines, express great sensual femininity withholding any exhibitionism.

Who Wears It

Halle Berry, Roselyn Sanchez,

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