Andrew Marc Schwartz is partnered with his wife, Suzanne Schwartz. Together they combine their unique abilities to cater to the masculine and the feminine. The result is high-quality, mass-appeal fashion.

In 1986 Marc began producing elegant timepiece watches under the Precision International company. The look and design of the rugged yet exquisite watches were inspired by the Marc bomber jackets.

By 1998 Marc ventured out to produce a collection of leather and cloth outerwear under the Levi's Dockers label. The new line consisted of women's leather and cloth Dockers outerwear, as well as men's leather Dockers outerwear. Marc continues to develop leather and cloth apparel as well as his unique and elegant watches.

The Look

His style is modern and chic. Hehas always been a trendsetter, never a follower in the fashion industry. He takes both the masculine and the feminine to create looks that are unique and appealing to all customers. Andrew Marc designs are created to last through time.

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