Andrew Mackenzie is a pedigree Welshman. After his studies at the London College of Fashion Technology, he debuted in the world of fashion, working between New York and Paris. When he arrived in Italy, in Bologna to be exact, he started fruitful projects with several international fashion houses and Italian companies.

International success came with the launch of the collection bearing his name, ANDREW MACKENZIE.

Brilliant, innovative, surprising, rebellious: these are the adjectives used by the international press to describe his work.

In Milan his spectacular shows immediately become the must-see appointment during the men’s fashion week.

With his official return to the Milan calendar in January, Andrew Mackenzie, pioneer and visionary, reached out and once again conquered his public, with the support of Einstein Progetti e Prodotti, investors in his name and in the super-niche brand Against My Killer, for which Andrew and the company are currently developing a new project.

The Look

His collections are the expression of a new denim couture - for Andrew Mackenzie this blue fabric is an experimental material for the creation of new proportions. Unique, breakaway shapes generate the Mackenzie style, where street, music, history and his Welsh origins blend in a symphonic “rave rock opera”.

Who Wears It

Mickey Rourke, Christine Aguiliera

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