Andrew Groves (born February 27, 1968) is a London-based English fashion designer specialising in womenswear, menswear and prints. He is currently Course Director for BA Fashion Design at the University of Westminster, where he has lectured since 2001. He also works as a creative director, stylist and writer.

Groves is remembered for his controversial catwalk shows. In the 1990s, he designed under the label "Jimmy Jumble". The confrontational themes of his collections for London Fashion Week ensured that he caught people's attention and enhanced his notoriety. His first scheduled show, "Ourselves Alone" (translated from the Gaelic "Sinn Féin") referred to The Troubles in Ireland, combining the colours of the rival factions of Irish unionists and Irish republicians. The models wore orange sashes, grey suits, and charred green taffeta, with one model apparently setting herself on fire during the show. Outside the show 30 foot burning crucifixes were erected. Another show, "Cocaine Nights", (based on J.G. Ballard's novel) had the models walking on a catwalk apparently spread with sugar-like cocaine. One dress was made of razor blades. At the time, Bill Clinton, the then President of the USA, had condemned the fashion industry for glamorizing drug use, so this was seen as deliberate provocation.

Groves is known for his tailoring, and before he launched his own label, he worked as head assistant to Alexander McQueen for several years. He has worked freelance as a creative consultant for fashion design companies in the UK and Japan, and as a design consultant for companies such as Nokia, Wedgwood, and The Coca-Cola Company.

Groves is also acommentator on contemporary fashion for the BBC and is currently writing a book on menswear.

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