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Amaya Arzuaga was born in Spain in 1970. Her parents are in the clothing business. Her mother, Maria Luisa Navarro owns the knitwear label Elipse while her father Florentino produces the label Tinto Florentino. In short, Amaya is gentically pre-disposed tob e a fashion designer!

She studied in the UPM and in 1992 she finished Fashion Design and joined her parents‘ enterpreise, Elipse.

She started her company in 1994 and it was a meteoric rise for Amaya Arzuaga. She sells and shows her collections regularly in international fashion fairs like Atmosphere (Paris), Fashion Cotterie (New York), Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (Milan), Pasarela Cibeles (Madrid), Passarel la Gaudi ( Barcelona), and London Fashion Week (London). In six years, her creations are sold in 36 countries and 600 shops. 200 boutiques of them are in Spain.

She won the 1996 Spanish Designer of the Year and the prestigious Telva Award in 1998.

In 1997, she made her debut for a scheduled runway show at London Fashion Week and her star is still rising!

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