Alma Aguilar was born in Madrid in January 1976 into a family with close connections in the art world. Her father is a jazz musician and her mother, a painter and poet. At an early age, Alma had profound artistic interests. She spent the majority of her childhood with her grandmother, who was a dressmaker; and thus, Alma’s first contact with the world of dressmaking. Fashion fascinated her.

On completing her studies in design and pattern design at the School of Industrial Techniques, she continued her professional training in the workshops of a number of designers including Laura Montero, Paco Casado and Devota & Lomba. It was with Devota & Lomba that she was able to develop her talents most fully.

Whilst combing this period of training with an initial period as a freelance designer, she created her first collection for children aged 0 to 6 for "El Corte Inglés" department stores. Her ventures into other areas of design include a jewellery collection for Ansorena (Jewellers to the Spanish Royal Family).

Alma Aguilar creates her own company on May 1998. Since then, 21 collections have been successfully developed and shown at the most prestigious international catwalks: Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week, Moscow and Barcelona.

In September 2001, at the age of just 25, she made her debut at the Cibeles Fashion Show and was featured extensively in the international press. Since then she has presented all her collections at the Cibeles Fashion Show.

This, along with her career consistency and own identity, her delightful and demanding work and recognized quality, places Alma Alguilar as one of the most influential Spanish designers with more possibilities for expansion and business development.

The Look

Couture Ready-to-wear, tradition and avant-garde, romance and feminine…Alma Aguilar has a unique essence, with the most delicates fabrics and an exquisite style.

Who Wears It

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