Alexander Berardi was born and raised in Hurley, NY. Much like his personal style, his childhood home was timeless and classic (built in the 1700’s) and is an inspiration that he still draws upon today for his designs.

Qutting his teeth with an apprenticeship at Kenneth Cole with taking classes at Parsons, the precocious Berardi decided to try his luck and create his own company before even graduating. He began sketching several designs and came up with a dress that he felt was worth of production.

He labored up and down 38th Street in the heart of New York’s garment district to find a pattern maker willing to take on a new unknown designer. After much searching, he found one and House of Berardi was born.

Kenneth Cole, who Berardi describes as “the champion of giving back,” gave him a wealth of knowledge not only about the industry itself, but how to run an long-lasting tremendously successful business while still remaining true to your self – a philosophy that House of Berardi strives to follow today.

The Spring 2010 show at the Altman Building marks Berardi’s first official foray at New York Fashion Week.

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