Design that contaminates fashion, drawing on a background in the arts while retaining surprising memories of handcrafted tailoring skills. In an age where outlines were growing progressively vaguer, Alessia Giacobino, trained as an architect, became an established fashion designer, creating the JO NO FUI brand in 2001, and now present in over 250 of the most prestigious Top Shops of Italy and the rest of the world. Born in Rimini into a family of clothing industry entrepreneurs on December 13, 1972, Alessia showed a flair for the creative arts from early childhood. After graduating from art school she studied architecture at Florence University, and when she completed her studies in 1999 she set up her own business as an interior designer.

Impressed by Alessia’s brilliant talents, one of her clients, the owner of an important chain of luxury stores on the Romagna Riviera, invited her to design a capsule collection for his boutiques. The first collection was made in a small dressmaker’s workshop, with the help of just a few skilled and patient assistants, willing to invest in a project in which they firmly believed, and even paying the initial costs of the sample range.

Requests for these first creations vastly exceeded the expectations of both the boutique owner and Alessia, and encouraged by this success she decided to present her next total-look collections during the Milan women’s

fashion week.

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