In 1934 Alessandro Giuseppe Borsalino, also known as „u siur Pipen“, was born in Pecetto, Alessandria. In 1946, restless and with little interest in school, he found work in Alessandria, firstly as an errand boy and later as an apprentice at the Camagna hat company.

In 1850 he decided to move to France, a country at the forefront of hat production, but above all for fashion and to work at the Beteil hat company in Rue du Temple, where he became a skilled hat maker.

In 1856, having obtained a certificate required by travelling hat makers to open a workshop, he returned to Alessandria armed with experience and fervent passion.

In 1857 along with his brother Lazzaro, in a courtyard off via Schiavina, Alessandria, the legend began: the story of a family and its company, destined to impress style and passion for hats on future generations.

In 1990 Giuseppe Borsalino died and his son Teresio took over the company.

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