the designer

Albert Kriemler was just twenty years old when he joined his father’s company, “Akris”, in 1980. He took over creative responsibilities and shaped the development of Akris firstly in Europe, then in Asia and finally in America.

The Look

Albert Kreimier creates fashion for a feminine woman with personality and charisma.

Who Wears It

Akris dresses women who, irrespective of their age or nationality, expect the best from their clothing. They are self-confident and stylish, appreciate quality and understated clothing and see fashion as the new Zeitgeist. The Akris woman is reservedly sexy, her charisma is never superficial and she never compromises on quality. Sarah Jessica Parker, Melva Bucksbaum, Amy Phelan, Lisa Anastos, Dalia Oberlander, Amanda Hearst, Caroline Brown, Renee Fleming, Amy Phelan, Yvonne Force, Lydia Fenet, Roopal Patel, Emilie Rubinfeld

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