Beginning her career by fashioning together several fur pieces with an antique fur coat after trading her paintings; Adrienne obtained early inspiration for the striking and unusual combination of materials that are the trademark design of Adrienne Landau. By embodying her creative roots as a former painter, Adrienne Landau continues to infuse her incomparable artistic abilities into her unique and distinctive collections. Each season delivers an elegant and versatile compilation of an experienced professional.

The mixture of renowned exotic furs, lavish cashmere and intricate detailing are a verified reflection of Adrienne’s gift for the subtly spectacular. Her philosophy of “easy glamour” offers the versatile ability to successfully style any ADRIENNE LANDAU fashion with a dramatic evening gown, or a simple pair of jeans.

Today, ADRIENNE LANDAU has the most comprehensive collection of furs, capes and stoles on the market. The designs have recently expanded to include a collection for men, handbags and luxurious home furnishings.

Continuing upon the expansion of her design empire, Adrienne signed two license agreements to further showcase her design versatility. Born in Adrienne’s celebrated 25th year in business, ADRIENNE LANDAU STUDIO provides a vibrant collection of patterned silk and novelty scarves, while the other label consists of novelty leather and cashmere accessories.

ADRIENNE LANDAU’s fashions regularly appear on the illustrious covers and pages of the world’s finest publications, as well as regularly being seen throughout television and films.

Who Wears It

Madonna, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Barbra Streisand

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