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What first started as a one man show in 1995 has rapidly boomed into a small fashion empire with worldwide recogniton. Situated in a busy commercial sector in Beirut. Murad’s apartment-style atelier houses the main departments and day to day activities and creations.

Today over 100 dynamic and dedicated employees continuously contribute to the success of the zuhair Murad Fashion House. The team ensures everything from conceptual design embroidery and accessories to the administrative and public relations functions.

The extensive lines encompass haute couture ready-to-wear and accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, earrings and eyewear. Furthermore the company has plans to expand its fashion line in the near future by introducing beauty products, perfumes, swimwear, lingerie and even furniture to its refined creations.

With Lebanon being home to the main atelier and boutiques exclusive Zuhair Murad stores are also present throughout the region in cities like Dubai while another is well on its way in Paris where a showroom already exists. Moreover numerous reputed stores throughout the globe carry the Murad ready-to-wear line which is fabricated in Italy and indicates the same feminine aesthetic as the couture gowns.

The Look

Since debuting his collections in Paris, he has consistently ameliorated techniques. The shape and form of his silhouettes can now be compared to those of other well renowned couturiers. It is so evident in watching the beautiful and dazzling silhouettes as they descend the runway.
Thanks to his talent for synthesizing the rich colours of his native homeland with the elegance of European women, even bigger things are to be expected of the rising couturier star.

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