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Zadig & Voltaire was founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier and his wife Am�lie. The original idea behind Zadig & Voltaire was to offer luxury at an affordable price, but the couple also instigated a new way to conceive of fashion and allure in general. Their first collection, based on knits, immediately won over a considerable clientele because it proposed a very recognizable silhouette: jeans, cashmere pullover, boots and leather jackets. A new, pr�t-a-porter chic rock style was born, defining new urban luxury dress codes.

Affordable cashmere gradually became their signature material and was offered in bright, happy colors, e.g., mint green, florescent pink and golden sand, colors rarely seen in cashmere and which became the Zadig & Voltaire trademark. The originality of their relaxed pullovers lay also in the little rebel touches added by Am�lie, e.g., skulls, eagles, or a rock star's name on the back.

Having understood that their strength lies in basic wardrobe must-haves, the label also developed the Tunisian t-shirt, available in all its collections.

Another idea the couple had was to create six collections per year instead of two. Stock is renewed constantly (500 new models each year), which means their clientele is always tempted to come in and take a look, and the label generates talk. This is one of the reasons why Zadig & Voltaire has never needed publicity. In addition, the label has high-profile ambassadors.

The label became known by word of mouth, and international success was quick in coming. Boutiques opened everywhere and Zadig & Voltaire gradually conquered England, Russia, Belgium, Japan and the U.S.

Online sale was put in place and the label's offering diversified. Men's pr�t-a-porter, children's, accessories, and in September 2008, a luxury collection were added. Now their VIP clients can purchase limited edition (30 models in 300 examples each) pieces in precious materials like silk or fur, always with a rock-n-roll feel.

Zadig & Voltaire affirm their rock inspirations to the point that the company has also become a music label and a cultural patron via "Zadig's List" online. Music is always their first inspiration, with images of guitars or music notes often appearing on their clothes.

The Look

Luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk and leather are the signature of the brand. Zadig aims to embody a new luxury by giving fashion basics a playful and resolutely rock 'n' roll twist: a more affordable, stylish and laid-back luxury. The spirit of the brand is recognisable thanks to its distinctive style codes, timeless pieces and musthave cuts.

Who Wears It

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Emma de Caunes, Marion Cotillard, Vanessa Paradis

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