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The Yamamay franchising-project is a product of the innovative ideas of Inticom S.p.A., the company which boasts a long-standing tradition in lingerie manufacturing, in addition to its well-established experience in franchising.

Inticom S.p.A.’s expertise is the base element of the Yamamay project, a resource of huge value delicately modelled from expertise acquired in the production of a wide product range with precise distribution strategies.

The first Yamamay store was officially opened on 15th September 2001 in Busto Arsizio, in the province of Varese, Northern Italy. In August 2006, Yamamay inaugurated the chain’s pride and joy, its prestigious retail point in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan.

Though based in Italy, reaching 500 retail points, the company’s cosmopolitan leaning is quickly evident.

Once having achieved a leading role in the underwear and beachwear distribution in Italy, Yamamay could not resist taking on the more daring challenge of conquering the international market.

With the brand constantly expanding there are currently over 60 retail points, in countries such as Spain, Principality of Andorra, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, the UK, Greece, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Principality of Monaco,

Azerbaijan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bulgaria, China, Austria, Cyprus, Romania and Malta.

The desire to further extend its range will soon lead to new openings in other countries, thus announcing an intercontinental future.

Inticom S.p.A. recorded a turnover of 106 million euro in 2008.

Yamamay reassess the concepts of underwear, nightwear and beachwear, reconsidering everything in a fashionable and modernist manner with an excellent quality/price ratio. The clientele is from every age bracket and particularly women always searching for the most modern and glamorous trends.

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