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We Are Replay is the name of a collection that embodies the core concept and roots of the Replay brand since its foundation in the early 80s. We Are is to emphasize the deep essence of that original concept.

An exclusive universe to produce a new. Less predictable and more creative vision of things in the wake of an idea, inspiration or detail. Born to crate groundbreaking quality and aestheticism.

We Are made its debut in Spring-Summer 2004, and since then the result has been outstanding collections designed for the few. Each garment is to be considered as a piece of the mosaic, while putting across its individuality, it becomes part of a pleasing, expertly-composed pattern.

The Look

We Are Replay stands for heightened focus on detail, the input around which the entire garment is constructed, concentrating on materials, experimenting, with new, cutting-edge fabrics and developing exclusive treatments. The underlying idea is that of manual manufacturing, unique specially made garments. Special attention is given to denim, with innovation of both fabric and treatment and a special eye, of course, to design. A question of taste, a move forwards, the discovery of a highly personal, expressive and intense approach.


2008 Replay for Her (W)
2008 Replay for Him (M)
2009 Replay Intense for Her (W)
2009 Replay Intense for Him (M)
2009 Replay Your Fragrance! for Her (W)
2009 Replay Your Fragrance! for Him (M)
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