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She has the �Gold Label� - her demi couture line of ready-to-wear and made to measure pieces, �Red Label� - her sassy tailoring, knits and shirts and �Man�, her menswear line. Together they have a turnover of 20 million pounds per year.

She supplies 550 stores in 30 countries which is all solely owned by Vivienne herself. Her managing director is carlo D'Amario. Her son Joe Corre operates her World's End Shop, and has turned it into a lucrative label. He assists her with all the chores she has to manage to keep her empire operating. He also owns the lingerie label Agent Provocateur.

The Look

Vivienne Westwood is fashion's chief architect of revolt. She was once queen of punk and is no stranger to the forms of sabotage that can pave the way for the next upheaval in style or taste. Her clothes are revolutionary and controversial. Her designs include intentionally twisted seams, intentionally badly cut clothes, designs intended to shock, deliberate contradictions of colour. She ignores conventional fashion directions and goes her own way. She is queen of the original: bustiers, mens kilts, cone-shaped bras as day wear; classical paintings on underwear; the mini crinoline, fake fur trains, woolly royal crowns and so on. Surprisingly, other well-known designers have lavished praise on Vivienne. Rei Kawakubo, the famous Japanese designer says "I think Vivienne's means of expression is profound. Her way of smashing tradition to create something totally new, is wonderful".

Who Wears It

Dita Von Teese, Sarah Stockbridge, Kim Cattrall, Adam Ant, Gwen Stefani, Jerry Hall, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Mick Jagger, Pete Burns, Mika Nakashima, Shiina Ringo, Marilyn Manson, Toshiya of Dir en grey, Kanon of Antic Cafe, Fearne Cotton, Ai Yazawa, Anne Suzuki, Naomi Campbell, Nina Ananiashvili, Pamela Anderson, Tracey Emin, Cameron Diaz


1998 Boudoir(W)(The bottle is her signature ORB shape.)
2000 Libertine(W)
2003 Libertine Flirtations (W)
2004 Anglomania (W)
2007 Let it Rock (W)
2007 Boudoir Sin Garden (W)

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