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In 1998, Valentino and his partnerGiancarlo Giammetti sold the company for approximately $300 million to Holding di Partecipazioni Industriali (HdP), an Italian conglomerate controlled, in part, by the late Gianni Agelli, the head of Fiat. He said it is because he wants the Valentino name to continue even after him. In 2002, Valentino S.p.A., with revenues of more than $180 million, was sold by HdP to Marzotto Apparel, another Italian luxury goods group, for $210 million.

It was rumored that HDP was displeased with Valentino�s and Giammetti�s personal expenses, a claim Giammetti has bristled at: businessmen have a perspective of fashion which is completely old-fashioned, they believe fashion is a little show with models-beautiful girls they would like to know-who walk on the runway. They don�t know how much work is behind it, and how important the image of the founder and the designer is for the company. You cannot talk about the dresses of Valentino without thinking about him, and when you think about him, you think about the glamorous life he leads, and all that adds to the product(Vanity Fair, August 2004).

Valentino includes the following brands: Valentino, Valentino Garavani, Valentino Roma e R.E.D. Valentino. It operates in the upper end of the fashion and luxury market, offering exclusive products in the couture, ready-to-wear, designer, diffusion and bridge segments.

This business unit gets its name from Valentino Garavani, the undisputed master of haute couture and one of the leading representatives of Italian style and creativity in the world of fashion and luxury. In over 45 years of being in business, his collections have dressed and accessorised top international celebrities time and time again.

Valentino operates in 70 countries, with more than 1,250 shops, 66 DOS.

The Look

Valentino loves dresses - Valentino means dresses and has for nearly 40 years. Valentino's dresses are more dreamy, more romantic, more youthful and impeccably made. That's the charm and mastery of Valentino. Valentino explains that a dress should have very little detail and notes that he is focusing his design energy on creating a most perfect bias cut. But Valentino does not make only dresses. He can soften the edges of a razor-sharp blazer by coupling it with a ballooning skirt or a sweatshirt hood. He elevates the sweater's status by showing a plaid knitted one with a skirt of contrasting textured lame-figured chiffon. A tee-shirt becomes a dress when made up with silk and has diamonds at the sleeves. Flowers intrigue Valentino and he has used them in prints, in silk, and for petal shapes of bodices or skirts. He says there should be a minimum of detail, but he does put in a lot of bows on his garments, at the waist or on a shoulder. He is truly the only designer who combines French embroidery and impeccable taste, with Italian fabrics, workmanship and glamour.

Who Wears It

He has dressed a great many of the beautiful and famous women of the world, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis, Joan Collins, Princess Grace of Monaco, Gloria Guinness, , Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, etc. In addition to the elegant ladies of yesteryear, Valentino also dresses the ladies of today. Valentino has been popular with famous, well-dressed women for more than four decades, including Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts, Claire Danes, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, Claudia Shiffer, Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett and Gwenyth Paltrow.


1979 Valentino (W)
1985 Valentino de Valentino
1987 Valentino (M)
1991 Vendetta Donna (W)
1991 Vendetta Uomo (M)
1998 Very Valentino (W)
1999 Very Valentino (M)
2002 Valentino Red (W)
2002 Valentino Gold (W)
2002 Valentino Gold (M)
2005 V (W)
2005 V Absolu (W)
2006 V (M)
2006 V Ete (W)
2007 Valentino Rock�n Rose (W)
2007 Rock'n Rose Couture (W)
2008 Valentino Rock'n Rose Pret-A-Porter (W)

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